Amandine | AU PAIR OF THE YEAR 2017 | A nominee’s story

by Au Pair in America

The annual Au Pair of the Year contest gives our host families the chance to celebrate their au pair in a very unique way. Whether it is to honor an au pair’s outstanding achievement, or to simply thank them for the huge impact they’ve had on their lives –  a nomination is a great way to show our au pairs how much they are being appreciated. With that being said, we would like to introduce French au pair and one of this year’s nominees Amandine! Her story is not only a beautiful example of a cultural exchange gone right, but also a great reminder that taking a your time in order to match with the right family is so worth it!


Au Pair Amandine is taking a selfie with her two 6 year old host girls.

A very special bond – Amandine and her two host kids!


I decided to become an au pair to improve my English and to spend an unforgettable year in the USA. I chose Au pair in America because I had a good feeling when first I met my French interviewer in Paris. She knew everything about the program, and seemed very open-minded, kind, calm and organized. She really managed to put me at ease.

I’ve been in a United States for almost four months now. How did that happen? I live in Piermont, not really far away to New York City, and I can genuinely say that it’s a good place. I feel very safe. My host family is so amazing! They are French, too, just like me. I get along with everyone. And I’ve loved to learn especially the little things about them, that make each one of them so unique and special!


My host children are 6 years old. They are twin girls and absolutely adorable! Both of them like to play outside with their friends and neighbors. They love the playground, and never miss a chance to show off their skills at the swimming pool. There are lots of different things that they like, actually. There is never a dull moment with them! They also enjoy reading, dancing, playing to the piano, watching a movie Friday night, writing stories, building huts and they just LOVE to draw!

French au pair Amandine and her two host girls.

Amandine spending some quality time with the girls!

My host mother likes Asiatic food and French cheese (we’re very much alike in that way). She also loves beautiful things. Just one example: she has an eye for being exceptionally well-dressed! She likes listening to music, singing and running. And she loves her children just like she loves my host father. He on the other hand likes chocolate… Scratch that. He loves it! He plays the guitar, sings and runs as well. And he is a fan of good food and good wine. They are good people, and so fun and interesting to talk to!


I take good care of my girls, and am lucky enough to spend every day of the week with them. Our day starts early in the morning. I wake them up and help them to get ready for school. That can mean anything really! From helping them to get dressed, to combing their hair as well as preparing breakfast and their lunch boxes. When they come back in the afternoon, we usually have a quick snack first. And then it’s time to head off to whatever activity we feel like doing that day!

One of my favorite memories so far has to be the day when I found out that my host mom was going to nominate me for the Au Pair of the Year Award 2017. I was so touched! She wrote: “With her warm and generous personality it felt as if she had been a long time a member of our family.” It’s the best compliment anyone can ever get! My plan is to continue to have a perfect year with my host family and to continue to make them proud!


Au Pair of the Year Nomination letter

Amandine’s nomination letter!

Amandine’s story is one of many Au Pair of the Year nominations we received in 2017. Head on over to our Au Pair in America website, if you would like to meet our three lucky winners of this year’s contest. You would like to find out more about the Au Pair of the Year Award as such? We’ve got the answers!

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